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Columbus Ohio Business Contract Attorneys

There all kinds of contracts needed for business. Make sure you use an attorney when drafting a contract, negotiating a contract, or when you need a contract to be reviewed.

Without using an attorney that is versed in contract law, you may be opening up both yourself and your business to any circumstance that may arise, including being sued. We not only make sure your contracts are solid, but we also specialize in a variety of business and commercial related contracts such as those geared toward customers and clients, as well as contracts for vendors and employees. There are many types of contracts required for a particular type of company that can include mergers, joint ventures and acquisitions.


As business contract attorneys for the city of Columbus and the state of Ohio, our primary services include:

  • Drafting contracts

  • Contract negotiation

  • Contract review


Basic Contract Checklist





Terms for ending the contract


Comprehensive Contract Checklist

The following are some considerations an attorney will look for in a contract.

A contract should spell out names, addresses, expectations, obligations, perusal of supporting documents, disclaimers, and also arbitration particulars, should a disagreement arise.

Other items of a contract can include insurance, permits required, use of equipment, criminal background checks, notarization, warranties and renewability of the contract.

Obviously, there are many factors to consider when reviewing, negotiating or drafting a business contract.


Do You Really Need a Contract?

Whether you are signing a contract or creating one, there are certain components that should be met, so that each party will not just comply with the particulars of an agreement, but also be aware of certain aspects that need to be adhered to by each party. A contract can include various facets and features, some of which pertain specifically to the matter at hand, but others that almost every contract should allow for. The foolproof method of assuring that a contract is favorable and beneficial for you is to hire a qualified contract attorney to peruse and check the contract, not just for the legalities, but also to make sure all bases are covered, and you are protected. You don’t want to be held liable, should the conditions of a contract not be met by either party. Some contracts can be misleading, purposefully or not. The drafting of a contract, a contract review, or a contract negotiation can be a tedious and time consuming process, but often a necessary one in order to protect you and your company.


Trust a Professional

Make sure you use a knowledgeable and experienced business contract attorney who is on your side and working in your best interest. Without an attorney a contract may affect you adversely for quite a long while, perhaps even the rest of your life. Make sure you are protected and contact Barney DeBrosee Attorneys at Law today.

Ohio Business Contract FAQ

Why should I have a contract reviewed?

The purpose of a contract review is to point out any inconsistencies, legalities, loopholes, risks or other conditions that need to be addressed.

A contract review leaves room for any negotiation and revisions that you feel should be implemented.

Contract review is in essence the analyzing of a contract with an eye towards the painstaking detail needed to ensure all particulars are met, and to protect the parties involved.


What can make a contract ‘null and void’?

Contract law refers to a contract that is null and void as pertaining to the fact that said contract was never really valid in the first place. This can take on any manner of things, but generally refers to a contract being too vague or impossible to fulfill, unenforceable, fraudulent, illegal and other such items.


What does ‘breach of contract’ mean?

When the terms of a contract are not met by one of the participating parties, then a breach of contract has been made. Depending on the type of breach, not adhering to a contract can result in legal action, including the recovery of damages that the breach has caused.

There are four types of contract breach including:






Are verbal contracts binding in the state of Ohio?

Yes, contracts that are made orally, without being put on paper, can be both legal and binding in the state of Ohio. However, proving an oral contract and the terms and acceptance of such as being valid can be quite difficult.

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