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Columbus Ohio Civil Stalking Protection Order Attorneys

Legally known as ‘menacing by stalking’, stalking offenses in Columbus and the state of Ohio is a serious matter.

Our Columbus CSPO attorneys are well versed in helping those who are being stalked, and have the experience and knowledge needed in order to put an end to this offense.

After all, peace of mind is one of the most precious things a person can have.


What is CSPO?

A Civil Stalking Protection Order (CSPO) informs an individual through a court order that they can no longer have any contact with a certain person or persons, meaning a victim or victims who have been subjected to stalking.

Mental distress and physical abuse are the main reasons of conduct for seeking a CSPO.

Our attorneys know that victims of stalking are looking for special help in a matter such as this, and we have both the compassion and the legal background that it takes to bring a stalking offense to a satisfying conclusion for the victim.


Because stalking is a civil matter, and not a criminal one, the court will not appoint an attorney for you.

That is why you need to hire an experienced CSPO attorney at Barney DeBrosse LLC.

You should also know that you can include children and other adults who live with you as part of the CSPO, meaning that the stalker cannot have contact with any persons that are part of the order.


The process for obtaining a CSPO

Our attorneys will be with you every step of the way, and will guide you through the process, fill out all necessary forms, communicate with the court, and advise you through the whole process involved.

Ex Parte Hearing

After meeting with our attorneys, the next process is known as an Ex Parte Hearing.

This hearing involves a magistrate who will listen to your testimony about the stalking.

If the magistrate determines that the statutory requirements have been met, they will then issue what is known as a Temporary Protection Order (TPO).

Full Hearing

The next step would be a Full Hearing, in which all parties involved will have their chance to speak and present evidence. After hearing testimony and evidence, the magistrate will then issue the CSPO.


If the stalking doesn’t stop, then a civil matter turns into a criminal one, as the offender has violated the CSPO.

Make sure you hire a civil stalking protection attorney who has the experience and knowledge in Ohio CSPO law, and who is part of the Columbus, Ohio community.


What is the duration of a CSPO?
Anywhere from 1 – 5 years, although a CSPO can be renewed.


What method does Ohio law use for defining a CSPO?

The Ohio Revised Code §2903.214 is the legislation that defines a petition for a protection order in menacing by stalking.


I don't want my stalker to know my address. Can I prevent this?

Yes, your address will not be available to the public should you ask for that stipulation with the court.


I live in a different county than where a stalking incident happened. Which county would the CSPO be filed in?

A CSPO will be filed by our attorneys in the county in which you reside.


What is the difference between a Civil Stalking Protection Order and a Civil Protection Order?

Unlike a Civil Protection Order (CPO), a Civil Stalking Protection Order is not considered a criminal offense, although an arrest and criminal charges can be brought if the stalker violates the CSPO.

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