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Columbus, Ohio Stalking Attorneys

From the Ohio Menacing by Stalking law:

No person by engaging in a pattern of conduct shall knowingly cause another person to believe that the offender will cause physical harm to the other person or a family or household member of the other person or cause mental distress to the other person or a family or household member of the other person.


Stalking is a serious issue that can leave victims feeling unsafe, apprehensive and afraid.

Enforced via the Menacing by Stalking law in Columbus and the state of Ohio, stalking is considered a serious and grievous matter. The stalking law and how it is dealt with is best handled by hiring an attorney that is both knowledgeable and experienced in this area and who can apply the correct method of bringing a stalker to task, legally.

Don't wait until a stalker has gone too far. Let them know you're not going to take it, and that you mean it! Talk with one of our stalking lawyers at Barney Debrosse Attorneys at Law today.


Stalking and Ohio Law

In Ohio, stalking is defined as a methodology or pattern of conduct by a person or persons that is directed at another person (male or female), and which causes them to believe they may be physically harmed or that they are suffering from mental stress or duress.


Key Elements of Stalking

Repeated Behavior: Not just one incident, but continued stalking events of a persistent manner.

Inducing Fear: The offender is knowingly aware that their actions are causing duress to the victim, who is afraid of harm from the perpetrator. This can also include a member of the victim's family.


Stalking Behavior

Repeatedly following and observing a person's movements

Untoward words or conduct

Sending unwanted letters, gifts, or emails

Making harassing phone calls or texts

Using computer networks, social media, or programs to intimidate

Threats of violence in any manner

Entering or loitering near the victim's workplace

Loitering near the victim’s home

Loitering near the victim’s school

Loitering near or entering an organization that the victim attends

Damaging the victims vehicle, home or property

Urging others to hassle the victim


Penalties for Stalking

Menacing by stalking in Ohio varies due to the severity of the stalking:

Misdemeanor: Maximum sentence of 180 days of jail time. A fine of no more than $1,000. This is the most common stalking offense.

Felony: Stalking can be a felony if:

There are prior stalking convictions

The victim is a minor

The offender has a history of violence towards the victim

The offender possesses a deadly weapon while stalking a victim

Trespassing on the victim's property

Violating a court order protecting the victim

A felony conviction can result in more severe penalties, such as prison time and a larger fine.


What to Do if You Are Being Stalked

Take action to protect yourself:

Document the behavior: Keep a record of all incidents, including dates, times, and details.

Report to the police any stalking incidents. File a police report so there is a record of the infractions.

Change your routine. Install security doorbells and cameras. Let your friends and family know about the stalking, and who is responsible for it.

Obtain a protection order. This court order can prohibit the stalker from harassing, contacting, or coming near you.


Practical and Honest Advice

Contact our Columbus stalking attorneys to help you with any stalking or harassment problems that you or a family member may be having.

Ohio Stalking Law FAQ

What are the degrees associated with menace by stalking offenses?

Misdemeanor menacing by stalking - first degree

Felony menacing by stalking - fourth degree


Can I sue someone who is harassing me?

Yes, but first you must file a charge with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. Any qualified stalking attorney can help you with this.


Are there legal ways to keep my address private?

Because of the nature of stalking, your address will not be publicly available, if you let the court aware of your request.


Is stalking a federal crime?

If a perpetrator crosses state lines while stalking, it can become a federal offense.


Is Ohio the only state with anti-stalking laws?

All 50 states have stalking laws now on the books.


What is the most common gender to be stalked?

Females are the majority to be victims of stalking. However, men can be stalked as well. Other reasons people are stalked include sexual orientation, race, geographic location, associations and more.


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