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Columbus Ohio Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Commercial and business litigation in Columbus and the state of Ohio is one of our core legal skills as attorneys in our area of expertise, knowledge and experience.


What is Commercial Litigation?

Commercial litigation is essentially the civil litigation for corporate, individual, and business entities involving disputes and various litigation matters in the business world.

Commercial litigation is resolving a dispute between two or more parties in a business related legal claim. Think of it as dispute resolution without any criminal aspect involved. We represent both business and individuals in various aspects of corporate and partnership civil issues and claims.


Commercial Litigation Attorneys for Business

•        Appeals

•        Disputes

•        Infringement

•        Contracts

•        Employment

•        Partnerships

•        Corporations

•        Investors

•        Shareholders

•        Securities

•        Real Estate

•        Intellectual Property

•        Insurance Claims

•        Commercial Regulations

•        Regulatory Matters

•        Trial Litigation

•        Municipal Zoning

•        Eminent Domain

•        Breach of Contract

•        Settlement Negotiation


Professional Commercial and Business Legal Representation

Protecting your rights and interests in owning and managing a business as well as resolving issues in any business or commercially related matter is one of the more effective and worthwhile law related issues that we do as attorneys in the Columbus, Ohio area. If you’re looking for a straightforward and honest law firm to represent you in any corporate, civil, or business legal matter, then please contact us today.

Ohio Commercial Litigation FAQ

Do you handle both local and federal law related issues in commercial litigation?

Yes, we are well versed in Columbus, Ohio, and federal law as it relates to business law and dispute resolution.


I have a start-up business. Can you make sure I’m covered legally in commercial matters?

Of course we can help. From employee contracts and business formation to regulations and zoning issues, we have the knowledge and expertise to make sure you are legally covered in all aspects of your new business operation.


What other commercial litigation issues do you handle?

Our attorneys are experts in a myriad of business related matters including:

Class Action




Unfair Competition

Business Torts



Labor or Employment

Breach of Duty


Board of Director Issues



Patents, Copyrights, Trade Secrets

Product Liability


My business is being sued, can you represent me?

Litigating business lawsuits is part of our law and attorney expertise. We can help mediate, resolve and represent both individuals and businesses in commercially related disputes.

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