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Columbus Ohio Domestic Violence Attorneys

Domestic disputes can encompass a wide variety of offenses and infractions in the state of Ohio. Being a victim of domestic violence in Columbus or Ohio can be an intensely personal and damaging crime to the victims. Offenders can both intentionally and unintentionally commit domestic violence, and may find their record permanently altered because of it.

Many people don’t realize that domestic violence doesn’t necessarily mean that a physical act has occurred. Making violent threats or intimating violence towards a household or family member can also be considered domestic violence. One doesn’t have to necessarily have intended to harm the victim, and it can also be a crime if the offender was reckless in some way.


In Columbus and Ohio, domestic violence can include both criminal and civil law.

Depending on the nature of the offense, domestic violence can be either a misdemeanor or a felony.

If the offender is aware the victim is pregnant, the offense becomes even more serious.

Domestic violence itself can bring heavy consequences and serious implications upon anyone’s life. Domestic abuse is hurtful, whether physically or mentally. It can ruin relationships between family members, friends and acquaintances.

Both victims and offenders can find themselves in a melting pot of legal issues when involved in domestic disputes. They both deserve fair representation in the eyes of the law.


CPO and CSPO Attorneys

CPO stands for Civil Protection Order.

CSPO stands for Civil Stalking Protection Order.

At Barney DeBrosse, we are both knowledgeable and experienced CPO and CSPO attorneys.

If you feel you need to be protected from an individual, or that an individual is stalking you, then we can help.

More info on Civil Protection Orders

More info on Civil Stalking Protection Orders 


Domestic Violence Examples

Instances of Domestic Violence doesn't necessarily have to include physical violence.

There are many examples of domestic violence including:

  • Hitting, pushing, slapping or kicking

  • Choking

  • Sexual assault or sexual offense

  • Throwing an object

  • Restrainment or detainment

  • Tearing of Clothing

  • Pointing a gun or a type of weapon at someone


Domestic disputes and domestic violence can be between any number of people living in a household, or between those who have previously resided together including:

  • Partners

  • Husband and wife

  • Roommates

  • Parent and child

  • Siblings

  • Friends

  • Mother and daughter

  • Father and son

  • Mother and son

  • Father and daughter

  • Foster parent

  • Relative

Ohio Domestic Violence FAQ

What are the types of penalties, punishment or sentences available for domestic violence?

It depends upon the nature of the violence committed. Punishment can be a misdemeanor or a felony. It can include a fine, probation, jail time, or a prison sentence. In Ohio, some offenses have a mandatory minimum sentence that must be adhered to by the court.


As a victim, can I drop a domestic violence case?

No. In fact, the police can continue with an arrest, even if the victim doesn’t necessarily want that.


As a domestic violence victim, do I need to have visible injuries or require medical attention in order to file charges?

No, under Ohio law a person does not have to have a visible injury or require medical attention in order to report it, or for an offender to be arrested.


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