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Columbus, Ohio Guardianship Attorneys

What is a guardianship?

As a guardian, you are responsible for another person’s well-being and stability.

The guardian has the legal authority to make decisions on behalf of another (known as the ward) who is unable to make decisions themselves.


Reasons why you may need a guardianship attorney

There are several reasons why you may be in need of a guardianship lawyer in Columbus or the state of Ohio:

The ward hasn’t the mental faculties to make decisions themselves

The ward has lower cognitive awareness because of age

The ward has become incapacitated

The ward is a minor without a parent or guardian


Types of guardianships

Guardianship of a person: make decisions on the personal needs of a ward including housing, diet (foods they eat), and who may be allowed to see them.

Guardianship of an estate: if the ward has property, the guardian then will make decisions on behalf of the ward, including their finances.


How long does a guardianship last?

This depends on the needs of the ward. The guardianship may be short-term such as when the ward is incapable of making decisions on their own temporarily because of an illness or injury. In other words, if the ward is expected to recover in due time, the guardianship will be temporary. The guardianship may be long-term in the case of permanent mental or physical inability to make decisions on their own.


What is a guardianship petition?

In order to become a guardian, or to have your loved one become your ward, a guardianship petition must be filed with the court. This includes not only filing the petition, but also preparing it. The petition will pertain to information about the guardian, the ward, and why guardianship is necessary. The lawyer will know which courts in Ohio to file the petition with.


What a guardianship lawyer can do for you

The rights and interests of all parties involved need to be protected. Guardianship lawyers will help you navigate the myriad of paperwork, understand the guardianship system, file the petition of guardianship, and with the legal requirements, as well as represent you in a court setting. It’s important that your best interests are served. A lawyer will let you know of any risks and also the benefits of a guardianship, as well as your options and rights. A lawyer can help with any factual means needed including medical records, financial statements, and also taking care of any affidavits that may be needed from family and friends. Another important aspect of guardianships in the court setting will include the lawyer helping to coach individuals on what to say in court in front of a judge and preparing exhibits etc.

Obviously, having a lawyer to represent you in a guardianship can become increasingly important and essential, whether for a new guardianship or to modify the terms of an existing guardianship. Both the guardian and ward need a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer.


Make sure your voice is heard in court, and that your family or loved one is well represented when it has become necessary to file for a guardianship. People with disabilities have legal rights, so don’t try and navigate this complex situation on your own. Let our lawyers give you both support and guidance, and handle the legal requirements, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you and your loved one are well represented.

Ohio Guardianship FAQ

How do I choose a guardianship lawyer?

Helpful tips to know when choosing a guardianship lawyer include feeling at ease and comfortable with the lawyer, making sure you have everything in writing, making preparations including gathering all necessary documents, evidence etc. Also, make sure you have the fee agreement in writing.


I’m not sure if a guardianship is absolutely necessary, what should I do?

One of the main responsibilities of a guardianship lawyer is evaluate whether a guardianship is even needed. Can the proposed ward make informed decisions on their own, or do they require the help of a guardian? The lawyer must ascertain the proposed ward’s mental and /or physical capabilities, or the relationship of a minor’s parents or guardian.


Besides the legal aspects of guardianships, what else can my lawyer do for me?

Guardianship lawyers will represent you in court hearings with compassion and diligence, advocate for your rights, present a compelling argument to the court, and educate you on the whole process. They will empower you to make informed and responsible decisions pertaining to the guardianship, and inform you of both the legal and ethical responsibilities.


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