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Columbus Ohio Intellectual Property Lawyers

At Barney DeBrosse, LLC, our business is your success. The attorneys at Barney DeBrosse, LLC of Columbus, Ohio understand that business begins with ideas, and that protection of those ideas can greatly impact the success of your business. Those ideas are the genesis for your business’ products, services, technology, and branding, and fuel your business’ competitive advantage. Protecting these ideas allows our clients to maintain their competitive advantage in the marketplace.


We not only take the time to understand your ideas but understand your business. By understanding each client’s business the team at Barney DeBrosse LLC is able to provide a customized protection plan that matches each client’s current and future interests. Whether through patents, trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets, the attorneys at Barney DeBrosse LLC have the knowledge and experience to turn your ideas into assets.

Disputes concerning the ownership and enforcement of technology sometimes arise. When disputes arise, we are there to guide our clients through the nuances of inventorship and ownership of our client’s invention. We also investigate the validity of a patent and determine the merits of any infringement claims, and can provide opinion letters that will stand up in court.


Barney DeBrosse LLC, Attorneys at Law is based in Columbus, OH, and serves all 88 counties of Ohio.


Intellectual Property Law services for:

  • Patents

  • Trademarks

  • Copyrights

  • Trade secrets

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