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Columbus Ohio Marriage Annulment Attorneys

Couples seeking a marriage annulment in Columbus or in the state of Ohio are looking for a different solution than what a standard divorce or a marriage dissolution entails.


What is a marriage annulment?

In certain circumstances, a couple can opt for a marriage annulment. An annulment is a legal ruling that dictates that a marriage is erased, and actually never even happened. It is a way of terminating a union and marriage officially.

Simply put, annulments are a method of legally declaring that a marriage is nullified and void, and never took place at all, although the marriage does stay on file with the state.


What are the rules or grounds of obtaining a marriage annulment?

Obtaining an annulment falls under a separate and more specific set of legal grounds. Because of this, actually nullifying a marriage as if it never happened can only be obtained by certain legal methods.


Terminating a marriage union and declaring it invalid means that it can be voided and nullified, and can happen under several qualifying legal grounds including:

  • Bigamy, Polygamy - already legally married to someone else

  • Marriage is to a first cousin or closer relative

  • Under the age of consent - 16 for females, 18 for males

  • Unconsummated Marriage - no physical relations at any time after the marriage

  • Mental Incapacity or Mental Incompetence

  • Consent to marriage was given by force or under duress - so called ‘shotgun wedding’

  • Consent was given by fraud - using a false identity, a false pregnancy was claimed, misrepresented gender


If you are seeking an annulment, you need a specialized and qualified attorney. Contact Barney Debrosse LLC - Columbus marriage annulment attorneys. There are many aspects of an annulment that differ from a marriage dissolution or divorce proceeding in the city of Columbus or the state of Ohio that will need proper legal representation to obtain. Consideration of child custody and child support is something our attorneys are qualified to help you with also, as well as any property that needs to be divided.

Marriage Annulment FAQ
Is it better to get a divorce or an annulment?
We handle both divorce and marriage annulment cases. We can help you decide the best route for you.
Several things differ between divorce and annulments including the amount of property involved, financial recompenses, spousal support, reimbursement of attorney fees, and other factors.
Do I need an attorney to get an annulment?
In the state of Ohio, or in the city of Columbus, an attorney is not mandatory when filing for a marriage annulment. However, deciding to handle things on your own is not recommended because of the complicated legal grounds. Any actions taken by the court can be less than clear to a lay person.
How long will an annulment take?
If you and your spouse can come to terms, than it will happen more promptly (several months).
If no agreement can be reached, and the courts become involved, it will take longer (probably at least a year).
Under an annulment, do I qualify for alimony?
Spousal support (alimony) is not available under an annulment.

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