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Columbus, Ohio Mental Health Order Attorneys

Attorneys advocating for mental wellness throughout Columbus and the state of Ohio.


As Mental Health Order Attorneys we counsel and support both the rights and well-being of those dealing with mental illness, as well as the families and loved ones involved with those individuals.

Our Columbus legal professionals are well versed in the ramifications and intricacies of the law when dealing with mental health. We possess an empathetic and compassionate understanding of Ohio's mental health statutes and the ever changing mental health landscape. Our mandate is to carefully consider a client's mental health status and treatment needs, as well as their own personal circumstances. We are their supporters in court, ensuring they receive an equitable and objective hearing and that a mental health commitment is ordered as a last resort, if absolutely necessary for the individual's welfare and their family’s well-being.


Our mental health law services can include the following:

Civil commitment

Involuntary commitment



Disability benefits claims

Treatment disputes

Mental health discrimination


Types of mental health orders can include:

Emergency detention - This type of order allows for the urgent detainment of those who are an imminent danger to themselves (or to others). Generally this type of detention order is on a short-term basis.

Civil commitment - This type of order can be for a more lasting and longer time.

Assisted outpatient treatment - This type of order is for mental health treatment on an outpatient basis.


Civil Commitment - Involuntary Commitment

If an individual may pose a danger to themselves or others because of mental illness, then an involuntary commitment or civil commitment proceeding may be necessary. Our attorneys will be your advisers throughout the legal and petition process. We will weigh all legal options available to you and protect the rights of both your family and the individual in question, as we evaluate the applicable legal grounds for a court-ordered detention or commitment and make sure a fair hearing is exercised.


Guardianship and Conservatorship

Those with mental disabilities that cannot do for themselves and who require assistance with financial and personal concerns should be represented in court and with legal filings by caring, experienced and knowledgeable mental health attorneys.

Making sure that a clients' best interests and treatment needs are met, and that their rights are protected and preserved is a priority for us. Advancing the wishes of our clients is of uppermost importance.


Disability Benefits

We will facilitate the gathering of facts and evidence to further those with mental conditions in the acquiring and filing for disability benefits. This can also include any appeals to the court that may be needed in order to provide the best legal defense for our clients. Certainly those with diminished mental capabilities deserve financial help as well as making sure that their quality of life is adhered to.


Ohio Mental Health Law

Protection of rights and resolute support as well as mental health awareness in the Columbus, Ohio community is what makes our law office stand above most. Being compassionate while knowing the intricacies of mental health law makes us crucial to families and individuals who are dealing with mental health issues.

Our duties are found in other areas too, including disputes with insurance companies over coverage, confronting discrimination in mental health practices, and ensuring access to quality mental health care.


A Specialized Area of Law

Our Columbus mental health order attorneys must have the proficiency and skill in mental health law in order to properly represent and advocate for vulnerable individuals and families in mental health matters. We help with allowing an individual with mental illness the support they need to thrive and reclaim their lives as well as having the competence and know-how in understanding mental health conditions, treatment preferences, and the complex legal issues involved with mental health matters. Above all, safeguarding the fairness to families and the rights of those with mental illness is, and should be, an essential element in society, in court, and in the community.

Ohio Mental Health Law FAQ

I don't want anyone to have access to my medical records, can you help me?

Yes, our mental health legal expertise includes helping a client gain access to, or placing restrictions on, access to their medical records.


I have a dispute with my loved ones' mental health treatment, what can I do?

We also counsel clients in disputes with mental health providers in regards to treatment.


What is a civil commitment proceeding?

Also known as an involuntary commitment proceeding. We represent clients in regards to making sure they receive the proper treatment in this type of proceeding.


What kind of autonomy does a mental health patient have?

We work tirelessly in both maximizing and fighting for the autonomy of a patient who has been involuntarily committed.


What kind of confidentiality measures do your attorneys and law office provide?

We are required to respect the confidentiality of ALL our clients. This includes both personal information as well as medical information. You have a right to privacy.


Do your attorneys and law office practice non-discrimination?

We are required to provide legal services to anyone not based on sexual orientation, religion, gender, race, or ethnicity.



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