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Columbus, Ohio Name Change Attorneys

In the state of Ohio, or for the city of Columbus, changing your name legally requires a court order. Not only are there certain eligibility requirements to change your name, but various other legal processes are required as well.


Name Change Because of Marriage or Divorce

Those who wish to change their name for either a new marriage or because of a divorce should know that the usual legal process of changing your surname is a much less complicated matter, and usually does not require a court order. This applies to changing your surname whether it is a hyphenated surname or not. Aside from a marriage or a divorce, the probate court may be required for changing a name. Consult our attorneys for expert and knowledgeable name change advice.


Other reasons for changing your name may be to match the surname of an adoptive family, other personal reasons, or because of gender identity. Note that changing your name because of a gender change will not include the actual legal changing of your gender, which requires a different method for legally changing.


Name Change Attorney’s for:

Immigration Documents

Social Security Card

Driver’s License

Birth Certificate

Place of Employment


Vehicle Titles

Credit Cards

Selective Service

Insurance Documents

Bank Accounts



Utility Accounts

Government Agencies

Official Documents

Updating a Will and/or Estate Planning


Name Change Requirements

Foremost, you need a valid reason for changing your name. Avoiding certain debts by changing your name is not allowed including any pending legal matters you may be a part of, such as a bankruptcy.

If you are a convicted sex offender, convicted for identity fraud, or have victimized a child, it may exclude you from changing your name.

If a hearing with the court is scheduled, it must be published in the newspaper 30 days prior to the name change.

You must be a legal resident for 60 days in the Ohio County you are filing in, and have resided in Ohio for at least one year.

Our attorneys will advise you on any forms, files, documents or other requirements the court needs.


Changing the name of a minor will likely require the consent of both parents and/or legal guardians. Special requirements and forms may apply. Our attorneys will help you navigate a name change for any minor, or for a mentally disabled adult if needed.


Contact Our Name Change Attorneys

Our law firm is known for its practical and honest advice in regards to matters of name change law for both Columbus and the state of Ohio. Schedule a confidential consultation with our attorneys today.

Ohio Name Change FAQ

I’m involved in a lawsuit. Can I still change my name?

Generally, you will have to wait until the lawsuit is resolved before you will be allowed to change your name legally.


What is proof of publication, and what does it entail?

Proof of Publication in regards to a name change is a public pronouncement that you are changing your name. This means that a notice will be published in your local newspaper at least 30 days before the name change hearing. It must include the actual court of the hearing, date and time of the hearing, and also the case number. This is to allow for anyone who objects to the name change to do so at the hearing.


Do I absolutely have to have my new or former name be published?

If your name change will be a determent to your safety, then certain legalities are available to you, should this be a concern. This includes the 30 day requirement for publishing it in the newspaper. Consulting with our attorneys may help you avoid this and keep your confidentiality intact.


I've already had a name change, can I have more than one name change?

In Ohio you are allowed to legally change your name multiple times.


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