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Columbus, Ohio Stepparent (Stepdad or Stepmom) Adoption Attorneys

Getting married to a partner with kids can mean a lot of various changes when children are involved.

Many questions come to the forefront when adopting your partner’s child, or if your new partner can adopt your children. Of course, the biological parents of a divorce or relationship are still the parents….just because you are divorced or break-up doesn’t mean you do not have parental obligations. Conversely, what if you are a stepparent and divorce your partner. What if a biological parent is deceased? What if a biological parent is a minor? What are your rights then?


Obviously, there are a lot of considerations when a child is to be adopted in Columbus or the state of Ohio. It can all be very confusing. Having a knowledgeable and experienced stepparent adoption attorney becomes paramount when making sure all your rights and preferences are taken into account, as well as what’s best for the child.


Stepparent Custodial and Visitation Rights

If you are granted an adoption, then you have legal rights as well as responsibilities. If not, then you may still have visitation rights. The court will take a variety of matters into account when deciding a result in an adoption proceeding. There is no set black and white result….all things must be considered and taken into account.

If an adoption is granted, then the stepparent becomes financially and legally responsible for the child, and the biological parent will lose custodial rights, and probably the responsibility of paying child support as well.


Adoption Consent

A biological parent can give consent to the stepparent adoption, or not. In general, the parents of the child must give consent to an adoption if the child is a minor. If the child is over 12 years of age then the child must give consent as well. Adults who are to be adopted must give consent too. A parent’s consent is not required in all cases, especially if the parent has not had contact with the child or has not provided maintenance and support. However, it is best to have an Ohio adoption attorney help you navigate all legal aspects involved.


Adoption Homestudy

In Ohio, a study of the home life of the child is made prior to an adoption.

A homestudy assessment generally includes the following:


Financial status


Educational background

Criminal record

Background checks

Living situation

Social relationships

Daily routines

Parenting experience

Family background

Reasons why you wish to adopt the child


Practical and Honest Advice

At Barney DeBrosse Attorneys at Law we will be honest and straight forward. We will give you an honest assessment of your rights as a stepparent who wishes to adopt a child. Schedule a confidential consultation with our Columbus, Ohio attorneys today.

Ohio Stepparent Adoption FAQ

When is an adoption decree issued?

After an adoption petition is filed by your lawyer there is a 6 month waiting period, unless the child has already been living with you for at least 6 months.


Where is an adoption filed?

An adoption can be filed:

In the county the child was born

Where the adoptive stepparent resides

Where the child now resides

Where the biological parent resides

The home of record for a military parent


What about the adoptee’s birth certificate, will it be changed after an adoption is finalized?

After adoption is legalized, a new birth certificate will be issued to show the adopting parent(s) names.


Do I have to get an attorney to adopt a child as a stepparent?

The state of Ohio generally expects that you be represented by an attorney in adoption matters.


Do both biological parents have to agree on a child being adopted?

In general, and in most cases, both biological parents must agree to an adoption, although this is not always the case.

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