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Columbus, Ohio Small Business Attorneys

No matter if you are an established business or a start-up, our attorneys are well-versed in business legalities, complications and solutions. Regulations and day-to-day business issues can be difficult and rather technical to maneuver. This can include disputes with customers, partners or employees. We understand the financial limits a small business has when deciding to hire an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer. However, as a business you should protect yourself (both as a business and as an individual) from lawsuits, and also make sure you are covered legally when dealing with the many aspects of running a business. This can include document and contract language, regulations, employment and labor law, intellectual property, litigation and more. Make sure you are protected by using a practiced and skillful attorney who knows both Ohio and Columbus small business law.


Small Business Legal Services

As Columbus, Ohio attorneys, our legal services include both family business and small business representation.

This includes a myriad of unique and notable cost-effective law services for business including:


Small Business Formation & Entity Selection

We handle various types of entities:

  • Limited liability (LLC)

  • Limited partnership (LLP)

  • Sole proprietorship – Self employed

  • General partnership

  • Nonprofits


Local, State & Federal Small Business Law

Columbus, Ohio, and federal law requirements for running a small business can be confusing and even mind-numbing at times. As a business you need to think about certain aspects that may pertain to your business such as environmental issues, employee discrimination and hostile workplace complaints, subcontractor agreements, litigation difficulties, cease and desist letters, dispute resolution, asset protection, risk management, breach of contract, and other legal claims.


Contact Our Small Business Attorneys

We are here to help guide you with legal insight as well as support your business. It’s all about protecting your livelihood and managing risk while growing your business. We are a small business too. Leave navigating the many business laws up to us, at a fraction of the cost.

Ohio Business Law FAQ

What exactly is business law?

In a nutshell, business law entails both the formation and operation of a business.


As a small business, are there certain compliance laws I should be aware of?

Certainly there are a number of laws in Ohio and Columbus that you should be legally protected from including smoking related laws, minimum wage laws, the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act.


Are there different business related laws for Columbus and Ohio?

Some localities require different legal situations. The same goes for federal laws as well.


Can you help me purchase an existing business?

Yes. We are experts at contract law, and we know business acquisition law quite well.


Another company has approached me about merging with them. Can you help?

Of course we can, and congratulations! There are many facets of merging with another company that are important. Make sure you are covered well legally, and that you conform to the law.


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